May 27, 2009

I’ve experienced a renewal in my appreciation for poetry, which comes from my interest in marketing my poetry book.
Last Sunday, I went to Warwick, NY, to check out this small bookstore, Baby Grand Books. I’ve never really been inside a mom-and-pop bookstore before; I’ve usually gone to big-name stores like Borders and Barnes and Noble. I figured that since I’d be in Baby Grand, I should bring a copy of my poetry book “How Fate’s Confusion Connects,” published by Wheatmark.
At first, I was nervous about approaching the guy who was working at the time.
Well, I’m so glad I did this! Not only did the guy ask me to follow up with the store owner about my book, but the guy — named Robert Milby, a Hudson Valley poet– told me about different Web sites to go to, including one called This site has a calendar of poetry events in Hudson Valley, where Warwick is located.
Baby Grand even has monthly poetry readings; I’m planning on participating on June 6 (when the next one’s coming up).
My only regret about Sunday is that I didn’t do this sooner with indie stores. Ask and ye shall receive, right?

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