A little box of words

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to write a poem, even though I was tired, moody, kind of hungry and depressed. I had with me this kit called Magnetic Poetry which helped me out of my writer’s block a lot. Even though I didn’t finish writing the poem because I had to leave for work at that time, at least it was a start. When I’m done with the poem, I’ll post it on my Web site.

I got the Magnetic Poetry kit from Barnes & Noble around three years ago. I really like it. It’s just a box full of magnetic strips with words on them, so you can stick them on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. It even comes with a guide. I was on the kitchen floor at my boyfriend’s house yesterday, sticking these magnetic strips to his refrigerator. I find that sitting on the kitchen floor and writing a poem is quiet enjoyable; it’s different because it’s certainly a departure from the traditional approach of writing at a table.

I plan on getting maybe two to three more varieties of the kit. I’d like the sequel to the original kit and one called “Book Lovers” (I own the original).

The kit’s Web site is magneticpoetry.com.

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