Adventures in poetry

In the last blog called “A little box of words,” I promised I’d post the poem I’ve written using the Magnetic Poetry set. Well, you can click here to go to the “Poems” page. It’s called “Writer’s Block” (a working title).

As for my further adventures in the world of poetry, I went to a poetry reading on June 10 in Rutherford, NJ. Poet Ed Smith, who’s also the library director of Manville, NJ, was the featured poet. I was one of several poets who read during open mic.

“Second Wednesday” poetry readings  are held, well, the second Wednesday monthly. June 10 was the first time I’ve ever been to this. I’d like to go to it more often; I enjoyed it and it’s only 20 minutes away from where I live (Hackensack, NJ). The Rutherford Public Library also holds poetry workshops, which I’m interested in going to. However, I can’t go to this workshop as often because Wednesday is kickboxing night for me (the type where we do actual sparring; we don’t just attack the air). Perhaps I could strive for going to the workshop once a month. 

For more information about “Second Wednesdays”, click on this link:


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