At last!

I finished it. I finished revising my novel, “Daughters of Janus”. My fingers were working overtime for the last few hours tonight and yesterday morning, putting the finishing touches on the manuscript and using spell and grammar check. I’m letting a couple of people read my manuscript, to see what they think. I don’t know which is harder: getting yourself to work on a book, or tearing yourself away from it once you do. I didn’t realize it’s just as tedious to run a spelling and grammar check as it would to edit pages and write! Though my manuscript is still in the editing stage, I’m thinking about how to market it – its target audience, ways to promote it, etc. Honestly, I’d feel torn between writing the book and having to promote it; you put all your creative energy into your product, and then you have to be just as creative in letting people know about it.

We’ll see how everything goesJ

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