Squeezing life into two days

My daughter is away at her grandmother’s for this weekend. I’m relieved that she’s not here, and yet I miss her – conflicting emotions I’m sure many parents can relate to. But how would I spend this weekend of freedom? I’d love to go on a road trip, get away, maybe go to Pennsylvania. I’d love to do some reading, writing, exercising — but these are things I already do when my daughter is with me.

I have a planner, and although I try to make religious use of it, I only use it sometimes. Sure I have marked down meetings and events to attend as part of my newspaper job. Sure I also have hours blocked out for my and my daughter’s kickboxing and grappling classes. But it’s not as though I make a to-do list every day, or even to have every single hour blocked out for something (although I try).

It really is hard to schedule life, because life is (surprise, surprise!) unpredictable. I’d love to get everything hour of the day scheduled for my job, family time, friends time, hobby time and everything else, but we all know that life is unpredictable. Life “just happens.” Although I only have two days for “me, myself and I” time, I know there really is no rush to pack everything I want to do into this weekend. I should just try taking everything one day at a time.


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