Summer is really going …

Summer is flying by so fast! I feel I haven’t made the most of it, though. I’ve imagined a summer packed with weekend trips to amusement parks, museums and maybe a few road trips here and there. Okay, I’ve been to museums, on road trips and just booked a trip to Boston, so maybe my summer hasn’t been so bad. But my full-time job does get in the way of leisure time LOL.

I promised my daughter I’d take her to the beach. She’s been asking me to take her. Rather than drive all the way down to the Shore, I’ll take her to a lakeside beach in West Milford. Hey, it’s not Seaside Heights, but what’s a beach? A place where there’s water, sand and sun! The closest shore point to North Jersey is Sandy Hook, which is about an hour away. I don’t feel like driving all the way down there.

West Milford was popular as a summer vacationing spot, before people decided to live there all year round. I’ve driven there many times, and I can see why it’s a summer vacation spot. Beautiful lakesides topped off with a close-knit community feel and serenity in nature. When I drive up to West Milford – which is at least three times a week — I feel comfort and an appreciation for nature. Come to think of it, because of the town’s surroundings and the enjoyment I feel being there, maybe I’ve been going on vacation a lot more than I realize.

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