Ready or not?

I haven’t started packing for the Boston trip yet. We’ll be leaving on Sunday morning for the trip. Though I’m not ready in terms of my gear, I’m ready in spirit. I’ve been furiously working on story after story for my newspaper so that my editors would have articles to tie over into the Aug. 5 issue of the Trends. For two straight nights, I’ve attended school board meetings – one in Ringwood, another in Wanaque. I’m sure I’ll get a chock full of stories from each meeting.

I’m going to take half a vacation week off. This means that as opposed to taking a one week vacation, I’m going to be in Boston for the work days of Monday, Aug. 3 to Wed., Aug 5, and I’ll be back to work on Thursday, Aug. 6. Working furiously at my job is, of course, exhausting, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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