Guided toward a good bargain

This morning, I bought a travel guide from Borders in Riverdale. It’s Frommer’s – the travel guide I want to get – but a less expensive guide. Whereas I wanted to get “Boston 2009,” I got “Boston Day-by-Day” because “Boston Day-by-Day” is $12.99; “Boston 2009” is $17.99. I skimmed through both books, and I feel like “Boston 2009” is more of a comprehensive guide to the historical attractions and other spots than “Boston Day-by-Day.” “Boston Day-by-Day” seemed like a compact version. I had my heart set on purchasing “Boston 2009”, but come to think about it, I am going sightseeing. And the essence of sightseeing is learning the historical facts from being there, not reading about it, right?

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