Sunday night

Yeah, we’re finally here in Boston! Well, okay, my boyfriend and I are staying  at a hotel on the outskirts of Boston, but it’s still exciting LOL! It was a long trip, not surprisingly. Although it takes around six  hours to get from eastern PA to Revere, throw in another hour of breaks and getting lost, and it took us seven hours to get to the Courtyard by Marriott in Revere.

Right now we’re figuring out what to do tonight. Should we eat at the hotel restaurant or go out to a nice restaurant? Should we go to a Shakespearean festival being held at Boston Common, or go to a comedy club? Even with two travel guides (one I got at Borders in Jersey, the other provided by the hotel), it’s still hard to choose. My boyfriend’s been driving forever, and I don’t want us to go somewhere that would require us to go driving, but rather we should take the subway.

It’s only 4:13 p.m., so I’m sure we’ll figure out something to do for tonight. I’m not worried about what to do for the next two days; thanks to Frommer’s I know the rest of the trip is booked!

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