Being a mom again

It’s been a week since I last saw my baby girl. It’s been relaxing without her, but of course as a mother, I think about her a lot. I think about her smile, her laugh, her smart alecky comments, what she would have said in certain situations.

Since seeing Blue Man Group, I was thinking of taking her to a performance someday. I’m not sure if she’d be amused by the comedy, the lighting design and the artwork the group produces, or if she’d get freaked out by the way the group stares at audience members. I know she has to wear ear plugs because she’s sensitive to loud sounds.

My daughter is coming home tomorrow (Sunday, Aug. 9). I’m so looking forward to it! I know she has so many adventure stories to tell me: the beach, Land of Make Believe, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. I can’t wait to hear them. And I’ll be laughing at her stories all the way through. It’s good to know I’ll be a mom again tomorrow.

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