Decafing myself

I’m going to try a one-week experiment: trying to survive without coffee.

This plan came about accidentally. I was in a rush to go to my morning kickboxing class last Saturday, and I didn’t have time to drink coffee. Yes, I was yawning throughout my class and I’ve slept half the day afterwards. However, I was thinking that maybe I should try not rely so much on coffee to keep going. I was thinking that it’s not healthy for me to deny myself of sleep when I should be sleeping. Yesterday morning (Sunday), I was exhausted. After I picked up Natalia in the morning, I squeezed in two hours of sleep before she and I went to church. The nap was so refreshing, because I didn’t feel sleepy for the rest of the day.

Of course I do have the option of drinking decaf. But really, what’s the point of drinking coffee if it’s decaf. It’s just not the same as drinking regular.

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