Dusting off a manuscript

I’m basically ready for my three day weekend. I took a floating holiday this Monday (Sept. 28) because my daughter doesn’t have school that day (Yom Kippur). I’m planning on using this day to work on my new book.

This new book I’m working on is a modern-day fairy tale. I wrote the first draft around four years ago. I completed it but put it aside because I wanted to focus on “Daughters of Janus.” However, lately because I felt my heart was more into this new book than “Daughters of Janus,” I decided to dust off this “fairy tale” and revise it.

The revision has been going well so far. I believe it’s because I have a better understanding of organizing plot structure. I know how to sequence scenes in a plot with this project, which is something I’ve been having trouble with “Daughters of Janus.” The original draft of the fairy tale is almost 200 pages; this is with the Times New Roman font. With the Courier New font (the font that looks like the manuscript was typed up on a manual typewriter), it’s around 275 pages. I changed the font from Times New Roman to Courier New because I learned that’s the preferred font editors want to see. I’m sure that with more revisions, I’d fatten up the manuscript even more.

Here’s to a happy revision!

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