The College of Poetry

In just a few weeks, I’m going to take a poetry classes at Baby Grand Books in Warwick, N.Y. This is the first poetry workshop I’m ever going to attend. Starting Oct. 17, The College of Poetry is an eight-week session, two hours each. Participants will read works of great poets like Gertrude Stein and T.S. Eliot. Participants will also share original works with each other.

I remember writing the first poem in my life when I was nine: “Colors.” It was a poem I read for a show and tell in my class. I don’t know how I just suddenly hit upon discovering poetry as a hobby, and writing to become a lifelong passion. I don’t remember “Colors” itself, but I remember that I handwrote it in blue ink. Last time I knew, it was stored away in the attic of my childhood home, before my family and I moved across town. I haven’t looked for it since we moved into our apartment seven years ago.

I have been working on a second book of poetry. I really hope that the College of Poetry would enable me to produce a prolific amount of work for this book. I’m not afraid to tap into my creativity for this workshop.

I also posted a new poem that I recently read at the Sept. 5 poetry reading at Baby Grand Books. The poem is called “Unmarked Grave.” Check out the poem by clicking on the link

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