Just like old times

Last September, I announced that I was “breaking up” with my manuscsript, “Daughters of Janus” because “I found that my heart wasn’t as into this manuscript as I thought,” I wrote in my Sept. 24, 2009 blog “It’s Over.”

Well, this past weekend, “Daughters of Janus” and I have reconciled.

For some reason, while I was driving last Thursday (April 1),  it just hit me that I wanted to work on the “Daughters of Janus” manuscript once again. Perhaps I realized that I’m ready once more to brave through those 250+ pages of plot inconsistencies, bad grammar and disorganized thoughts. The next day, I brought my laptop with me when I went with my daughter and boyfriend to his parents’ house in Pennsylvania for part of Easter weekend.  

I spent half the visit with my daughter, and my boyfriend and his family, and the other half slaving over the manuscript. Rereading the manuscript, my opinion of it changed from “Pretty bad” to “Not so bad.” As a matter of fact, I felt relieved to revise the manuscript. “Daughters of Janus” and I, together — just like old times. LOL

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