It has been a lifelong dream of mine to publish a novel. Now thanks to Wattpad, I get a chance to publish two novels online on July 6. Daughters of Janus and The Ward Prince are posted in their entirety on Wattpad.

Daughters of Janus: At the insistence of her Aunt Nadine, Isabel reluctantly re-enters the life of her mentally ill mother Jackie Brennan, a celebrated New York Times bestselling author. The young woman has to cope with the woman who built her writing career by exploiting Isabel’s private life and thus publicly humiliating her. To complicate matters, Isabel learns that her ex-fiancé will be on a missionary trip to the Philippines for a long time – and sticks Isabel with the daughter she has abandoned.

The Ward Prince: Morgan is an intelligent young graduate student with a promising future lying at her feet. Donovan is known as “the prince” on the streets, for his charismatic persona and his ability to get whatever he wants – quite useful for leading a notorious life of crime. Yet when these two from different worlds spend a week and a half in a mental ward at St. Barbara Medical Center, they quickly fall in love – a fairy tale come true. Right?

The link to my Wattpad profile page (where the books are published) is http://www.wattpad.com/user/teresaedmond.

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