Clinton Road: 10 miles of terror

This is an answer to a prompt I found on The prompt is “Describe a scary stretch of road you’ve travelled.” I thought it’d be fun to answer 🙂

I call Clinton Road 10 miles (yes, 10 MILES) of s*** in your pants terror. It’s been featured in Weird NJ, the premiere magazine for all things hmm … what’s the word … weird in NJ. People who travelled this road have claimed the tales of terror on Clinton Road, from cannibalistic indians to KKK gatherings to Satanic rituals. There’s even a story of a boy’s ghost that lurks around the creek. If you drop a coin in the creek, the boy’s ghost will throw it back at you. It’s been well advised that those who are thinking about travelling this road should avoid it at all costs.

One night, my main alternative to leaving Hewitt had closed down due to a car accident. That route was Warwick Turnpike. My other choice was Clinton Road, which leads from the Upper Greenwood Lake community in Hewitt to Rt 23 in Newfoundland, NJ. Driving my Honda, I followed my boyfriend (who was driving in his jeep) a few miles down Clinton Road before he parked at the side of the road, got out of his jeep and told me he’ll be returning home. That means I’ll have to drive the rest of the way on Clinton Road. During the drive by myself, my body was stiff, I was clutching to the steering wheel the whole time, and I was expecting a tree to fall in front of me. Why? Because I read that’s how the cannibals trap their dinner LOL.

That was the only time I’ve ever travelled on Clinton Road by myself at night. I hope I never have to do that again.

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