I’ll read “Choke” one day

I’ve wanted to read every Chuck Palahniuk novel since I read Fight Club last July. I admire Palahniuk’s writing style very much: dark, edgy and witty with social commentary that hit home.

I bought a copy of Choke by Chuck Palahniuk last July at a Syracuse bookstore. I know I will enjoy reading it very much. However, I have at least 50 books on my reading list (seriously, I have a reading list). This list goes all the way back to 2006! I also own up to 100 books waiting to be read. It would take at least two lifetimes for me to get through the list and the books I own.

My situation reminds me of the famous “Twilight Zone” episode “Time Enough at Last.” It’s about a bookworm who, after a nuclear holocaust, actually finds all the reading time in the world.

There’s never enough time in the world, with a busy work schedule, chores and a young daughter. But I’m still young. Because of this, I try to remind myself that there IS enough time. I should really learn to relax with a good book 🙂

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