Poetry in motion

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being invited by my daughter Natalia’s third grade class to read an original poem of mine. The children are learning about poetry. I read to them “Through the New York State Countryside.” We talked about what poetry is all about and how I get ideas for poems.

For about an hour afterward, I stayed in Natalia’s class, observing the children as they write, encouraging their creativity and providing feedback. They’re so adorable! I hope they will use poetry to channel their creativity. One boy told me that the previous day, he was having trouble coming up with one poem — but now he was able to come up with six! He even said he wants to write a poetry book! I told the children that if they want, they can keep a notebook of ideas and poems, and to read poetry to learn more about this special world.

Natalia’s teacher said because the class will study poetry for the next two to three weeks, I’m invited back to the class any time. I would love to come back, and look forward to it!


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