Every dog has its day

Last February, I covered the 135th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, with a focus on dog contestants from Morris County, NJ. My newspaper, The Suburban Trends, covers towns in Passaic and Morris counties.

One of the dogs I covered was a flat-coated retriever named Knight from Kinnelon. This past February, I met the four-year-old dog and his owners Donna Sickles and Larry Zimic.

This morning, Donna e-mailed me a PDF file of the newsletter Flat-coat Follies, a newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Flat-coated Retriever Club. Donna is the club’s vice-president. My article, which also appeared in the Trends supplementary newspaper Argus, appears as a newspaper clipping on page six.

Here is the newsletter in PDF: Flat-coat Follies. Since my article appears as a clipping instead of the text actually being formatted into the newsletter, it would be hard to read my article in the newsletter. For better viewing, I’ve included the link to my article posted on NorthJersey.com.

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