My vacation to-do list

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Next week, I’ll be on vacation from my full-time job. However, as any writer would know, there’s no such thing as taking a break if you’re passionate about putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I’ll still cook up some articles for my freelance writing gig, keep up with this blog and read and research for the sake of future articles.

I’ll be working on two articles for the online magazine One is about the impact of cutting music education from a district’s curriculum on a child’s overall education. The other article is about teaching children how to be fiscally responsible. I may even solicit a few agents for my novel manuscript.

In addition to my freelance writing duties, I’ll be reading an autobiography “Dancing with Myself,” written by a Wanaque woman named Mia Carr. It’s part of my research for a preview article I will write about the book and Ms. Carr. She is an award-winning ballroom dancer who had her share of trials and tribulations that included four marriages, phsyical and sexual abuse and a near-death experience.

I started reading the book two weeks ago. Pages are highlighted and Post-Its line the pages with questions I want to ask Ms. Carr. It’s a good read. I want to finish reading the book before Ms. Carr’s April 30 book signing of her autobiography so I may interview her and write a preview story of the book signing event.

So though I won’t take a break from writing next week, I’m still looking forward to my vacation.

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