My most played songs on my playlist

Ever had those moments where you’re so obsessed with a song on your playlist that you play it over and over again until you’re sick of it? I have. Below, I’ve come up with a list of the most played songs on my playlist (the topmost song has been played the most, and is in descending order):

“Paparazzi,” Lady GaGa

“Disturbia,” Rihanna

The Best Things in Life Are Free,” Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson

The Bells of Notre Dame,” Disney soundtrack, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

“The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In),” Broadway cast recording of “Hair”

“Bent,” Matchbox 20

“Addicted to Love,” Robert Palmer

Whataya Want from Me,” Adam Lambert

“Man in the Mirror,” Michael Jackson

Uptown Girl,” Billy Joel

So, what are your most played songs on your playlist?

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