Playing a different role in the media

As a professional journalist, I’m used to asking people questions and conducting interviews. I guess now that my novel Warding Off Reality is coming out this year, I’d better get used to playing the role of interviewee instead of interviewer!

Don Smith, a friend of mind and fellow writer, did an awesome job interviewing me for a series of articles he has written on self-publishing, “Travelling the My-Way Highway” for SVT Publishing. I’m featured in the fourth and last part of the series, and mentioned briefly in part two.

It was my first time I was featured in an article and my first interview as a subject. To be on the other side of the interviewing process, to be asked for my thoughts and experiences, really takes the interviewing experience to a whole other level.

In Don’s article, I discussed the reason behind self-publishing Warding Off Reality through my publishing imprint Heathermoors Books:

It’s bad enough for authors — many of whom spent years and energy on end to understand and hone their craft — to get rejected by traditional publishers, but to know that one of the Big Six has asked Snooki to write a novel for them (with help from a ghostwriter, obviously), that’s really a kick in the groin!

A BIG THANK YOU to Don for interviewing me and writing such fabulous articles in general! Make sure to visit his website, and to also purchase a copy of his book The Goffle Road Murders of Passaic County: The 1850 Van Winkle Killings on or!

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