Demonstrating that I’m pretty wicked with a sword

Today, Natalia and I participated in our tae kwon do school’s demonstration, which we performed at the Railroad Green on Main Street for the Warwick (NY) Springfest: A Home and Garden Expo. This event has vendors, music, dancing and the Warwick Slider Challenge, in which local eateries vie for the title of Best Warwick Slider.

Our school performed the demo twice, each at least 10 minutes long, for the crowd. Adult and youth students were involved, with weapon demonstrations, flips, kicks, board breaking and self-defense. The experience was awesome!

Come to think of it, though it was my first time demo performing for this school, I wasn’t nervous today. I was worried in the days and weeks before the event, but I think once I got on that lawn today, I was revved up. I just had to remember what we practiced in the dojang (well, of course, that’s what rehearsals are for :P). Last night, we had a “dress rehearsal” in front of an audience for belt graduation.

Below is a an estimated 1:30 minute video clip of the demo. The sword form we’re doing as an entire group in the video’s start is called il gum to “Immigrant Song” by Led Zepplin. (I don’t know the name of the sword form the two instructors did later). Our master said she wanted this demonstration to be “old school bad ass,” hence the song selected. Another song featured in the demo was “Machinehead” by Bush.

In the video it’s kind of hard to make me out, but I’m in the second row behind the instructor on the left.

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