“Full Page Ad” as an illustrated poem

Using the interesting new social media website Pinterest, I illustrated the first poem in my poetry book How Fate’s Confusion Connects. Pinterest is an interesting tool writers can use. I learned it can be use as a visual aid for imagining a character or setting for a novel, to outline a novel plot, or simply to illustrate a poem, as I did here with “Full page ad”.

For each pin of the “Full page ad” board, I used Flickr Creative Commons pictures, which people can use as long as the proper sources are credited with the picture. For each board pin, a number in parentheses is in front of each stanza the picture illustrates to indicate the stanza’s order in the poem.

To see the actual “Full page ad” board and for upcoming illustrations of my poems from “How Fate’s Confusion Connects, visit my Pinterest profile. And don’t forget, I’m selling copies of my book at a nearly $2 discount. Click here to purchase.

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