“Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Show Ever!” — a parent’s experience

Since last September, I’ve been occasionally watching an adorable Disney Channel animated series called “Phineas and Ferb.” Once in a while I watch it by myself, but most of the time it’s with my nine-year-old daughter. Some of our favorite show moments are, well, everything! From two stepbrothers who create innovative inventions on a daily basis; to their seemingly harmless platypus who leads a secret, secret agent life; to an inept self-proclaimed evil scientist who always plots to take over the Tri-State Area with his wacky inventions, it’s an animated show unlike any other. Though most episodes are formulaic in plot elements, the writers often come up with fresh ways of presenting these formulas.

Since my daughter is a huge “Phineas and Ferb” fan, it was only inevitable that she wanted to see the stage show. We first learned about “Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!” from a Disney Channel ad in October 2011. I looked up the tour dates online and learned that the show will come to the New York City area (where we live) in April 2012. Back in October, I promised her we’d go in April.

On April 21, 2012, my daughter and I finally went to the show with her best friend and her mother at the Meadowlands’ IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ. As expected, the live show was just as fun an experience as the TV series.

In the live show, Phineas and Ferb and the gang decide to spend their last day of summer putting on a live stage show. Everybody has come up with ideas for this show. Phineas and Ferb invent a machine that would mash different concepts into one idea. Meanwhile, Perry the Platypus (aka Agent P) must stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz (aka Dr. D) from utilizing his latest invention: his “Audience Control-inator,” which would manipulate the audience into clapping and cheering for him whenever he performs a musical number, however lame his perforamnce might be.

“Phineas and Ferb: the Best LIVE Show Tour Ever!” is chockful of colorful musical numbers, from a Bollywood-inspired number; to Dr. D singing classic Broadway showtunes with a cane, a sequined lab coat and a line of chorus girls; to Ferb’s reggae number. All of us were laughing throughout the show.

The only downside to the experience was not in the live show, but in the souvenir department. My daughter wanted a snow cone. However, the vendors weren’t selling snow cones, but snow mugs. Disney, the shrewd family-entertainment empire that it is, won’t settle for losing a little money over slushies sold in disposable paper cones — oh, no. Instead, parents were obligated to purchase slushies in either an Agent P mug or a Mickey Mouse cup ($12 each), or a Coca-Cola cup ($10). I opted for an Agent P mug.

But other than the slushy experience, we all had a blast. I highly recommend this great family show. Check out this link for more information.


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