Poem: “Addiction”

I wrote this poem “Addiction” in July 2010. I’ve made very minor tweaks to it, but this is the final version.  


My man’s love addiction to his ex is like

Any other addiction, he said –

Crack, whiskey, sex.

He’s a man of integrity,

Faith and intelligence,

But his “addiction” is another story.

One afternoon,

After sobbing into

One whiskey flask and

Two glasses of wine,

He phoned me on my cell.

In vino veritas – “In wine there is truth,” he slurred to me.

“Ask me if I’d leave you for

My ex if

She asked me back.”

“Would you?” I asked,

Though I’ve nagged him about this


Plenty of times before

(He denied he’d dump me for her).

His reply that afternoon:

“Yes! I’d drive down to her place in

twenty minutes!” 

He said he drank to kill his

24 hr. stomach flu pain


His heart’s pain


Crying out for love.

Maybe I can’t compare to his ex –

His stunning ex, who looks like

The Disney character Pocahontas

(But I think Belle is much prettier!).        

His confession killed my faith

In our future.

Well, it didn’t kill my faith.

Just put it on life support.

–          Teresa Edmond

June 7, 2010

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