Poem: “To a Lover That, Well, Missed”

FYI, I didn’t write this.

I’d like to share another poem – one that I’d written in November 2009. At that time, it had been over a year since I’d broken up with the ex in question in this poem. I wrote this piece as an exercise for a poetry workshop.

“To a Lover that, Well, Missed”
By Teresa Edmond
Nov. 8, 2009

Brawn fills that Blue Dress uniform,
His crew cut sprinkled with gray.
The uniform covers that scaly worm
A whiner when not getting his way.

His bicep is tattooed, and see
That eagle, that globe, that anchor.
Better fitting for him would be
That black, twisted cross of rancor.

His philanthropy – just a myth.
His sympathy runs through a sieve.
Welcomes anything he hates with,
“You don’t love it here – just leave!”

His love for this nation is locked,
Though his deployment was on hold.
But how could he fight in Iraq
When he cries while battling a cold?

Prospects were ill-begotten when
With his handsome strength, he has wooed.
Those two months were just folly, then
Spit him out, like tobacco chewed.


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