Raising money for an emergency preparation guide

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy hitting Northeastern U.S. last fall, a friend of mine had written a disaster preparation book to help people customize their emergency management plan. And she needs your help bringing this important book to the public.

Living in northern New Jersey at the time the hurricane struck, Michelle Reynoso first conceived of Ordinary People-Everyday Prep: Disaster Readiness Strategies in the days following Hurricane Sandy. This is an easy-to-follow guidebook for the everyday person preparing for unforeseen disasters. It’s a framework to readiness; a go-to guide for traditional solutions, mixed with creative ideas for budget-conscious & time-conscious readers.

It wasn’t until surviving Sandy that Michelle realized the family’s emergency plan was flawed. Four days after Sandy, Michelle’s husband had to go out to get emergency propane because they had used up what they thought was enough propane supply.

“It’s more than just a prepping book,” Michelle said in her video about her book. “It’s also a story of Hurricane Sandy — what I’ve been through, what I saw, how it affected my community, and what the experience taught me about preparing for disasters.”

Michelle’s option is not to shop the book to traditional publishers because it would take one to two years for one to get the book from manuscript form to bookshelves if accepted. Instead, she wants to self-publish and release the guide in five month’s time, to coincide with the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

Ordinary People-Everyday Prep will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged on the Kickstarter.com page by Friday Jul 12.

Click here for more information including Michelle’s video about her Kickstarter project. Thank you for your support.

Michelle is a photographer, blogger, and book reviewer, young adults novelist and poet. She is the author of the award-winning poetry book, Do You? Her website is www.MichelleReynoso.com.

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