What Should I Read Next? — a website for book lovers

There’s a really simple website to navigate around for book lovers who want to know what they should read next. It’s called … “What Should I Read Next?” (WhatShouldIReadNext.com)

I learned about this website just a few days ago. I looked up the website, and imputed the title of my all-time favorite book Wuthering Heights. I got back a long, eclectic list of recommended books that ranges from Virginia Woolf’s Room of One’s Own to Dr. Seuss’ Fox in Socks, a children’s book.

Yes, there are several websites — Goodreads and Amazon being among them — that observes what books people browse through, then makes recommendations based on that. And therefore, WhatShouldIReadNext.com may seem unnecessary. But what makes WhatShouldIReadNext.com different is the simplicity of the website layout. The design is simple and clean and there is no ad clutter (only one small ad banner at the bottom of the page). All a visitor has to do is input the title of a book they read, and a list of recommendations pop up — no reviews, no comments, none of that. Information on a title comes from clicking on the green “Info/Buy” button next to it, which goes to the book’s Amazon.com page.

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