Four book publishers looking for writers

ImageThe following is an excerpt from the newsletter I received. I was in Barnes and Noble just last week and saw the 2014 Writer’s Market. I held it in my hand, and I was amazed at how the current issue is so much lighter than past ones. Must be because more information usually found in a print copy can now be found online. 


4 BOOK PUBLISHERS LOOKING FOR WRITERS lists hundreds of book publishers open to submissions from writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, writing for children, and more. Here are four:

  • Willow Creek Press publishes 25 titles per year. This press specializes in nature, outdoor, and sporting books-high-quality nonfiction titles. Prospective authors should submit a chapter-by-chapter outline and sample chapters via mail.

  • CQ Press was established in 1945 and focuses exclusively on politics-American and international. Prospective authors should submit a prospectus, table of contents, and two sample chapters.

  • Forge and TOR Books publish science fiction and fantasy novels. They’re both imprints of Tom Doherty Associates, which is part of Macmillan-so it’s a major player that accepts direct submissions. Prospective authors should send a proposal package that includes the first 40-60 pages.

  • BlazeVOX [Books] publishes poetry, fiction, and literary criticism. With an emphasis on poetry, prospective authors can submit via e-mail or an online contact form.

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