A Year of Reading the World

What freelance writer and sub-editor Ann Morgan did was quite impressive. And her book chronicling her feat will be released next year.

Morgan set out to read one book from each of the 196 countries for one year.  She chronicled her project on her website A Year of Reading the World. According to the website, the 2012 Olympics in London inspired her to go on her international literary quest. She asked — and received — recommendations of books by each country. Her book, Reading the World: Postcards from My Bookshelf, will be published by Harvill Secker in 2014.

This is the list of recommended books Morgan was armed with for her project. The list is organized in alphabetical order by nation.

A Year of Reading the World is an inspiring project that depicts the love of word and an understanding of human society is not necessarily bound by one’s own language. Though many books on this list were translations, books from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe show that as the human race, we all have a commonality. That is, we’re all humans no matter what the skin color, religion, culture or language.

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