Publications looking for submissions


Here are a couple of publications seeking contributions (source: Dan Poynter’s Publishing Poynters newsletter, October 2013):

NEED STORIES to flesh-out your book? List your wants here. Focus on a single topic and provide your contact information. Write tight. Conform to the format so we can Copy\Paste and do not have to edit. Send your listing to Put “Stories Wanted” in the Subject line of your email. There is no charge for listings.

WANT TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR STORY? Contact requesters directly. Do not send stories, etc. to Dan.




1. The third season for Tales2Inspire™ has just begun. Strong platform building opportunities for winning authors. Visit to learn “What’s In It For You”. Now seeking inspiring stories for the following categories: Compassion, Reflections, and Courage. Winners from 2012 and 2013 already published in the Topaz or Emerald Collections.
Lois W. Stern
Creator of
Tales2Inspire ~ Beyond Coincidence
The Emerald Collection


2. The new online litmag TimeWell is looking for contemporary stories, poems and right rights next to excerpts from classic texts on the same general subject. The September issue, just out, features War Stories. For the next issue (October), TimeWell is looking for Law and Justice-related stories. Visit TimeWell at or It’s free.

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