Migration to New Website

Starting early this month, I am migrating all of my followers from this one to my new site, www.teresa-edmond-sargeant.com, which is now hosted on a self-hosted platform that would allow me opportunities in adding more features and growing my readership.

On the new site, I will have more in-depth content about local literary events, authors, book reviews, and writing tips and advice. Over there, check out this post about me being one of three featured authors and storytellers at a Feb. 25 reading event. Here’s another one about my latest Kindle ebook “An Estella Exclusive”, which I published last week.

And did you know I’m releasing a third Kindle ebook later this month?:-) Read an excerpt from my upcoming tome here

I appreciate the readers and authors who follow my blog and with whom I interact through on-site comments, social media and email. I look forward to learning more about what you’re reading, writing and simply creating. It’s fun to write a blog, but it’s even more fun to share it with people who have similar interests and open minds alike.

See you on my new site!

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