Participating in the 2019 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

A few of the titles on my list for the 2019 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge

Happy 2019! With a new year comes many new challenges. A challenge I’m taking up is participating in the 2019 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge.

So why do the #PopSugarReadingChallenge — or any reading challenge, for that matter?

It gets me organized and committed. I’m a messy person — ask my mother, husband, or daughter. The reading challenge enables me to get organized. Usually, I randomly see a book that interests me, pick it up and start reading it. Sometimes I finish it, other times I don’t.

For this year’s challenge, I collected all the books I intend to read and gathered them on one shelf in my house. I also noted down on paper each title next to each challenge prompt, as well as kept the titles on their own shelf in my Goodreads profile. Now, not only do I have all the titles in one place (physically and virtually), but there’s a commitment to read them.

It gets me to discover new titles. Some books on the list are those I have intended to read for quite a while — years, even. Others, I didn’t think I’d ever consider reading. To find a book based on a prompt — then read the summary!– somewhat expanded my interests about what to read.

It’s just fun! Part of my job as a writer is to read, but besides that, reading is a hobby of mine.

To learn more about the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, read this article. And it’s not too late to join;-) It’s still January.

Here’s my Goodreads profile. There, you will see a separate shelf for my 2019 Pop Sugar Challenge titles. I’m also participating in the 2019 Goodreads challenge. For those of you not familiar with this, it doesn’t give any prompts or suggestions. Simply record the number of books you vow to read this year. Every title you mark as “Read” will count toward that challenge.

Here’s to an awesome 2019, and Happy Reading!

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant lives in the Orlando, FL, area. Visit her Amazon author page.