August 2020 book update: Short story collection

2020 has really flown by, hasn’t it? Now it’s August?

Back in June, I discussed the 2020 goals I set and accomplished so far, as well as gave an update on the production of my upcoming short story collection. Well, here in this latest post, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m collaborating once again with the same person who designed my publishing imprint logo, author A.M. Bochnak of Misadventure Press, on a book cover.

I created a Pinterest board of covers from other short story collections to inspire mine. I visualize mine as having a gray-and-black color scheme, using a soft-focus, watercolor-painting appearance. My favorite pins are “Skin” by Tobias Hill, “Chez L’Arabe” by Mireille Silcoff, “Altered Egos” by Steve Justice, and “Gutshot” by Amelia Gray.

My short story collection will feature three short stories previously featured in the Demonic Anthology Collection: “Demonic Wildlife,” “Demonic Household,” and “Demonic Carnival.” There will be a bonus short story, a never-before-published tale that was supposed to go into another anthology (unrelated to the Demonic Anthology series), but that project fell by the wayside.

I’m still thinking up a title for my book. Sure, it may be easy to devise of something along the lines of “Demonic” and to include that word in the title since the theme is about demonic items. Most of my stories were published in the Demonic Anthology volumes, and I’m grateful to Valerie Willis and Battle Goddess Productions for the opportunity. Yet I still want to establish my book’s identity apart from that. Keep an eye out for an update on that as well as on this overall book!

About Teresa Edmond-Sargeant

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant’s short stories have appeared in several publications including the “Demonic Anthology” series, “Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive,” and 121 Words. She’s releasing her first short story collection in late 2020.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, shopping, traveling, working out, volunteering, and filling her mind with useless factoids worthy of pop culture trivia games. Visit her Amazon Author Page and her website.