Five author resources I like to use

Disclosure: Please keep in mind that some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links; clicking on them could earn me a commission. However, I make the recommendations I make in this post because I’m satisfied with the results they produce.

Many authors have resources they turn to for help in their careers, from writing and editing to publishing and promoting. I’m no exception in it that I too have used resources over the years. Some I liked, others I wasn’t satisfied with so I stopped using them. There’s a learning curve with what works and doesn’t work for the individual.

Below are the five author resources I like to use. 


Every November, writers all over the world convene online and in person during National Novel Writing Month to knock out 50,000-word manuscripts. The writing doesn’t have to be good, but lowering your inhibition to tell a story is the whole point of the event. The November 30 deadline is what authors need to not hem and haw over every word and to get everything down on paper (or the computer screen). On and off, I participated in NaNoWriMo since 2010. I found out about this event from walking past a bookstore display table of books written by NaNo founder Chris Baty, then learned more about NaNoWriMo on its website. 

Writer’s Atelier

After moving from New Jersey to Florida, I was quick to join writing circles and make friends. One of those groups is a writer’s studio Writer’s Atelier, now located in Maitland, Fla. I took its workshops, participated in potluck ratings (before COVID-19), and I’m a member of its coaching and accountability program The Write Gym. Founded by Racquel Henry,  Writer’s Atelier is meant to be a place for authors to work where no other space is available. This is such a supportive group of writers. Every week for The Write Gym on Facebook, we spend the first 30 minutes writing/editing our work-in-progress and spend the rest of the time motivating each other in our endeavors every step of the way. Writer’s Atelier hasn’t hosted any in-person workshops or other events for months (my heart breaks thinking about that) due to the coronavirus, but visiting Writer’s Atelier’s online community on Facebook is still a great way to connect in these times. 

Thriving Scribes

This is brand new to me. I just signed up for it, but already Thriving Scribes is really helping me build my online marketing strategy. Headed by author Brit Poe, Thriving Scribes has assisted me in identifying my author brand. It also offers the Author Platform Content Kit, which gives me content ideas for blog posts, social media, and my newsletter. Believe me, figuring out what to write on my blog and social media is what I struggle with a lot. Were it not for Thriving Scribes, I would still be floundering.

Orange County Library System

Located in and serving Orange County, Fla., the Orange County Library System has a wide array of free writing workshops and author conferences. I attend many of these both in person and virtually. Let me tell you, they are helpful! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your skills or no matter how successful you are in your career (the word “success” is up to you), learning and growing is essential! Even if I know all there is to know about a particular area of writing or publishing, I attend a certain class so I can have one more key takeaway about that area. Check to see if your local library system offers workshops. If it doesn’t, look at the local community bulletin board, search online, or ask your fellow authors.

Florida Writers Association 

I have been a member of the Florida Writers Association for nearly three years now. The FWA hosts contests such as the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition and conferences, and publishes a monthly digital magazine where members can contribute to and advertise in. The association also has a blog and the podcast “The Florida Writers Podcast,” where in both places authors can impart their experiences and tips on improving their skills and knowledge about the industry. Guess what, yours truly was a guest on one podcast episode. FWA has local chapters; one which I’m a member of is the Maitland Writing Association. 

These are the five author resources I like to use. They’re a few, but they’re a start.  I use many more resources that I haven’t listed here; however, I can only speak from personal experience about how each one has benefited me and played a role in growing my craft. Now I’d like to ask you: as an author, what are some of your favorite author resources?

About Teresa Edmond-Sargeant

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant’s short stories have appeared in several publications including the “Demonic Anthology” series, “Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive,” and 121 Words. She’s releasing her first short story collection in late 2020.

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