October 2020 book update: ‘Inner Demons’ is released

It’s here! My debut collection of short stories, “Inner Demons: Three Fantasy Tales,” is now for sale on Amazon as an ebook for $2.99, and just in time for Halloween too🎃! I’m working on making it available as a paperback. I’ll have details on that soon.

Here’s the summary of the book:

A book.

A carnival ride.

A “perfect” neighbor.

These three elements may seem like everyday occurrences, but they take on new, more wicked forms in Teresa Edmond-Sargeant‘s debut mini-collection of short stories “Inner Demons: Three Fantasy Tales.” 

“The Lucky Devlins”
Catherine Devlin revisits her tumultuous relationship with her late father in the form of a novel that inspired him to launch his successful writing career.

“The Seventh Time is Worth a Try”
Jasmine encounters her ex-boyfriend Xavier, who reminds her in his true form of why she ended their relationship as they go through his version of “Tunnel of Love.”

“Save the Date: Prophecy Foretold”
Gracie Mae Beaverton is the Mayor’s wife and a pillar of the community … who just so happens to be a demon in disguise seeking to destroy The Called Upon.

In “Inner Demons: Three Fantasy Tales,”Edmond-Sargeant reprints “The Lucky Devlins” and “The Seventh Time is Worth a Try,” both of which originally appeared in two volumes of Demonic Anthologies from Battle Goddess Productions. In addition, the collection features a never-before-released short story, “Save the Dat
e: Prophecy Foretold.”

“Inner Demons: Three Fantasy Tales” will have the reader thinking about “what if” in regards to how the everyday is taken to the next level. 

As usual, reviews are greatly appreciated😊