Another writing prompt exercise I’ve done

The page with the prompt and my response.

Back again to doing writing prompts! For those who may not know, once in a while I enjoy doing these to get my creative juices flowing (isn’t that what writing prompts are for😂). Especially when the prompts give me an opportunity to “portray” a character instead of writing from my own first POV perspective as the author. Between finishing writing a short story and getting that published, waiting for my editor to finish with one #wip and revising a plot outline for another manuscript, this prompt is the working break I need.

PROMPT: “Write about something you frequently forget.” — From “300 Writing Prompts” by @piccadillyofficial #piccadillyinc

ANSWER: “I frequently forget that my feelings come second to everyone else’s. It’s terribly selfish of me to pay attention to my emotions, especially since my emotions are tied in with my overall being. I should remember my manners, to bite my tongue and allow others to not only have their say but also that they should tell me how I’m supposed to feel. That’s a terrific idea: let others dictate how I’m supposed to feel. It’ll really make life easier, plus I can remember that I have no business owning my emotions.”

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