Of photography and fun: Check out some of my most recent photos

I get inspired to take photos. Not just photos of my family or special moments for the sake of capturing moments, but also art photography. Throughout this post you’ll see a few of my most recent photos, such as this one below of some leaves suspending from the top of a fence in my backyard.

Seeing red.

I think that if one is a creative, that person should have different talents and different outlets for expressing oneself. Sometimes various ideas can’t be manifested in the same way. I can’t put out my creativity through writing alone, no matter how many different literary genres there are.

Playing games.

My best photography work is yet to come. I know my photos are good in terms of framing and composition, but they’re not of subjects I want to really photograph nor are the framing and compositions done in a way that best reflect my emotions and thoughts. It’s not that I’m afraid to express myself or refuse to express myself. I know what I’m looking for regarding the subject and theme, but I haven’t found them yet. I’m not being self-critical or being hard on myself. I’m giving an honest self-assessment. How can I grow as a creative if I don’t determine what to improve?

You’ve got mail(box).

Right now, my photos look safe because I’m practicing my photography skills. I’m taking pictures of subjects and framing them in a way that I’m following the technical rules of photography. My work look as if they’ve been done before by other people. My photos are similar to other people’s output because I’m not at a point yet where I know how to break the rules.

A view from above at an airport.

You can see my portfolio on Foap and EyeEm.

Teresa Sargeant is an award-winning journalist and author. She released her first collection of short stories “Inner Demons” in October 2020. She is the author of the short story ebooks “Eve the First,” “For My Sister,” and “Sammy’s Butterflies” “A Symphony of Silence” is her second poetry collection. Her latest short story “Healing” is published on Short Fiction Break.