A day ending the work week

This week was a good week. A productive week … except in the area of writing. My creative writing output has been subpar and my edition got WIPs have been practically absent. But at least I earned a living this week with my writing.

My day job is journalist for a local community newspaper in Central Florida. There, I cover anything and everything from government meetings and fundraisers, to schools and special community events. I cover basically everything in the community except sports (we have a sports writer). I also edit stories, lay out pages, and post on social media. I work late nights, especially in covering night government meetings.

Meanwhile I have been doing what I can to keep my creative output up and my sense of inspiration high. So what do I do to increase my ability to be creative, to write? I go to museums and community events, read books and magazines, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and stay connected in my writing communities, to name some activities.

On Friday, February 17, I went to the Charles H. Morse Musuem in Winter Park, Fla., which houses the world’s largest collection of Tiffany lamps. I went yesterday with my four-year-old. After that we went to the museum’s gift shop. Then we went o the playground.

The museum offers Friday Nights at the Museum, where admission is free and the museum is open 4-8 p.m. on Fridays from November to April. They have a schedule of music performances on the Friday Nights series.

I haven’t gotten really gotten a chance to stop long enough at each exhibit to absorb the stain glass windows, the sculptures, the paintings, or the pottery there (because my daughter is one hyperactive child) but at least I got to take her to the museum. I want to expose her as much as I can to art and culture from her young age.

Click here for more info on the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum.