Senryu: ‘(Untitled)’

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I write in this space
to look like I’m busy so
I could ignore you.

It doesn’t have to be pen and paper — with todays ubiquitous technology, it can be done with smartphones, scrolling and texting, letting that one simple device be the barrier between oneself and everything else. But in any case, the goal is to put up a wall so as not to associate with anyone at a party.

It can be rude to ignore people at social gatherings, but it does get overwhelming being in these types of environments, especially if one has anxiety.

Who to speak to? ​

Where to go in the room?​

What to do​?

What to focus on?

Sometimes it’s easier to avoid people at social and events using a barrier. Other times, it’s better to let go of the self-consciousness and go with the flow. It’s all about what one can manage at the moment.

Self-care is important to me, and there are many ways I do it: exercise, prayer and meditation, and journaling are some of the techniques I adapted into my daily routine. I journal everyday, which helps a lot. Click here to find options for journals from Promptly Journals.

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