New writing journal

Two days ago, I treated myself to a new writing journal. I think it’s beautiful; I like the cover, with its watercolor design, and the ribbon bookmark.

This journal is much larger than the journals I purchased in the past, which are the types that could fit into my purse.

Though my new journal (by BlueSky) is more of an 8.5 x 11 and therefore can’t fit into a small purse and is heavy to carry around, I like this new large one because there is an even-level surface for me to write. I’m estimating the dimensions; I don’t know the exact size and I couldn’t find that info anywhere on the journal.

I found that it’s uncomfortable for me to write in smaller journals because my writing hand keeps falling off the page’s edge.

I also like the size because it’s like working on a huge canvas or in a sketchbook using wide strokes. I can work across the journal pages, letting words fly and feel more of the flexible creativity.

To some people “it’s just a journal,” but to me, what can I say? I’m excited about it🤩🖋️

Teresa Sargeant is an award-winning journalist and author. She released her first collection of short stories “Inner Demons” in October 2020. She is the author of the short story ebooks “Eve the First,” “For My Sister,” and “Sammy’s Butterflies” “A Symphony of Silence” is her second poetry collection. Her latest short story “Healing” is published on Short Fiction Break.