Original poem: ‘Some trite, throwaway poem’

I’m not always going to put out my best, nor will I be at my best. Any creative know s that definitely applies to the work they put out: some will be great others will be awful and others will be mediocre. The following original poem of mine is a result of me producing less than my best. I wholly admit that. Enjoy.


I feel great and “garbagey” and happy and sad and joyful and hopeless and godly and wretched.

I have a whirlpool of emotions within me.

Which one should I feel?

I don’t know.

But I won’t choose one or even two at a time over others.

I feel all of them.

And I will feel all of them.

And I will act accordingly to all of them.

Because they are my feelings.

And I clutch them to my chest, in my heart.

Teresa Sargeant is a journalist, author, and poet who lives in Orlando, Fla., USA. Find more of her original poetry on www.teresaesargeant.com. Her poetry book, A Symphony of Silence, is available on Amazon.