Do I prefer paper books or e-books?

I prefer to read paper books over electronic books, although the physical books take up space in my house! They take up space in bookcases in two of my bedrooms. I wish I could buy more paper books, but I shouldn’t because I haven’t finished reading the ones that I own and I haven’t gotten around to opening others yet!

At my previous home, I had a bookcase loaded with books plus a huge box of even more books. Some of the books in the box, I did read. However, most of them I hadn’t read yet, so I had to donate them before before moving out.

I like electronic books because of their ability to not take up physical space at all and of course for the easy storage (on my iPhone, and even in the cloud). However, I don’t have a personal connection with electronic books, which is not the case with paper books. I know that’s a complaint many book lovers have, that there is a lack of connection with e-books compared to paper books.

I like audiobooks too. Sometimes, I listen to them when I’m commuting to work in my car. Other times during my commute, I listen to podcasts. I like to think of my car as a mobile classroom when I’m listening to audiobooks and podcasts. The commuting length can be a pain (the time averages about 40 minutes one way), but I like to think positively and take this time to expand my mind and horizons by listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

What is your favorite book format and why? Let me know in the comment section below😊

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