Original poem: ‘Friends and Pharisees, Part I’; and describing my morning routine

They smile at me

but bare their fangs.

They embrace me

but want me to hang.

They ask how I am

but want me hushed.

They say they love me

but want me crushed.

They speak truth in love

but use “truth” to destroy me.

They invite me into their circle

but regard me as a flea.

Despite their betrayal,

I am taught to forgive.

I will love them from afar —

our bond, I will sieve.

This morning, I had an incredibly productive routine. Every morning, I do a routine to start my day: prayer/meditation, journaling, reading a self-improvement book, exercise, affirmations, and drinking one glass of water. I got some of these tips from a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. I’m glad I have a morning routine. This routine fuels my creativity and my writing.

Writing poetry in the morning also helps me jumpstart my day. I feel more productive as a result, like how I felt this morning. Journal writing as part of my “Miracle Morning” is not for my poetry. Creative writing is not considered part of my “Miracle Morning” journaling. The creative writing is therapeutic too, but it’s more of a “job”; therapeutic journaling is for personal time.

I wrote the above poem this morning, thanks to my morning routine. I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you so much for doing so. I always appreciate my readers.

Teresa Sargeant is a journalist and poet. Find more of her original poetry at www.teresaesargeant.com.