Original poem: ‘Define ‘fine’’

✨Define ‘fine’✨

Society keeps redefining words,

so here’s one more to consider: fine.

Although her state of affairs is —,

she smiles, she nods, she says, “I’m fine.”

When friends feign concern, pry and ask,

“Are you okay? You look upset, dear.”

She smiles, she nods, she says, “I’m fine;”

she knows they’re detached and insincere.

When she attends a birthday party,

makeup on, an air of amused,

she smiles, she nods, she says, “I’m fine,”

her makeup well covering *that* bruise.

She asks him to leave her alone —

for that, he wants to put her out.

Though both their names are on the deed,

he says, “I pay the mortgage. You have no clout.”

Midnight — she runs outside screaming, “Help me!”

Nobody stirs from their sleep.

How selfish of her to disturb their slumber

despite getting assaulted by a creep.

With all this bluster she musters,

many would say all she does is whine.

They — and you — will ignore all said here.

That’s how, my “friends,” we would define “fine.”

Teresa Sargeant is a journalist and poet. Find more of her original poetry at www.teresaesargeant.com.