Original poem: ‘Shallow’

If I apply the right shade of lipstick,

will you find me beautiful?

If I style my hair so it’s not frizzy anymore,

will you find me beautiful?

If I lose 10 more pounds to reach my ideal weight,

will you find me beautiful?

Or scold me for being shallow and neglectful

of our house, family, and marriage?

I have poured all my efforts into my


because it’s only now, at last I understand

how to enhance it

after decades of not knowing how to groom


after foregoing my looks for so long while I

please you and everyone else.

Childhood “friends” and bullies mocked my


Boys said I was good enough to toy with

but too ugly to be seen with.

You wouldn’t share our bed with me

if I resembled a monster.

However because I take 10 minutes each day

to apply makeup,

you call me selfish, shallow, and immature

when now I’m discovering my outer

beauty to match my inner beauty.

Teresa Sargeant is a journalist, author, and poet who lives in Orlando, Fla., USA. Find more of her original poetry on www.teresaesargeant.com. Her poetry book, A Symphony of Silence, is available on Amazon.